When I arrived at San Francisco International Airport, although I was excited about the visit I was just about to embark on, I had no idea I would be ecstatic before I even got out of Terminal 3.  I hopped on the moving sidewalk that would bring me towards baggage claim. As I started moving, I saw a giant photo of Alfred Hitchcock holding a transistor radio and then looking further, saw a collection of radios under glass that seemed endless. I spun around and ran in the opposite direction of the people mover (only to get in exercise!) to get off on the end where the Hitchcock photograph was, as was the beginning of the exhibition. This was the FLYSFO exhibit called On The Radio.

This was a really great exhibit, and after a little bit of research, it’s obvious that the people at SFO really enjoy creating stimulating eye candy for their travelers! This particular show is up until the 4th of November 2018. There are many collectible radios – some that I’ve only read about, vintage microphones and radio station gear, novelty radios, and tons and tons of historic photos of broadcasting from many perspectives, as well as the timeline of the radio. I would recommend walking instead of hitting the people mover in Terminal 3, although there is a steady stream of photos to accompany your ride alongside the walkway as well! Next time you’re flying to/through SFO, look up the FLYSFO directory and see what they’ve got in store!


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