I drummed and occasionally sang in Children In Adult Jails; records you will see listed here. Everything else is either engineering, assistant engineering credits, artwork credits and the occasional guest spoken vocal!

Drums: Man Overcome By Waffle Iron by Children in Adult Jails (1985)

Drums: Angeltits/Beanbag 45 by Children In Adult Jails (1991)

Artwork: Dangerous Choo Choo lp by Pleased Youth (1986)

Artwork: Pair of Sides lp by The Parasites (1990)

Engineer: Bad Fuggum by the Mysterium lp by Amoeba Raft Boy (2002)

Engineer: Analog Heads Gone French lp by Tiger Mountain (2002)

Engineer: Live on Radio (WFMU) lp by The Weirdos (2005)

Engineer: 2006 European Tour lp by The Spits (2006)

Engineer: F.C.C. Violations Limited Cassette by Giant Haystacks (2006)

Engineer: Monster Party, tour split limited 7″ by Black Time/Husbands (2007)

Engineer: Burmese/Cadaver Eyes split lp (Cadaver Eyes tracks only) (2008)

Engineer: Live at SXSW by Harvey Milk lp (2008)

Engineer: Live at WFMU by Great Plains lp (2008)

Engineer: Live at WFMU by Nikki Sudden lp (2008)

Engineer: Live at WFMU by The Obits lp (2009)

Engineer: Live at WFMU by Boss Hogg ep (2009)

Engineer: Live at WFMU by GNAW lp (2009)

Engineer: SXSW Showcase by Shit n Shine lp (2010)

Engineer: Altamont by Fucked up 10″ ep (2010)

Engineer: Live set at WFMU by Urge Overkill lp (2011)

Engineer: 12 in the Bar by The Sights lp (track: Maria) (2011)

Engineer: Live at WFMU by the OBN IIIs lp (2011)

Engineer: Secluded in Jersey City by Secluded Bronte lp (2014)

Engineer: I’ve got Trouble In Mind & Rare Stuff by The LimiƱanas lp (2015)

Engineer: This is all there Is by Giant Haystacks lp (2018)

Engineer: The Sharpest Cuts by 999 lp (2019)

Engineer: Homicide/Emergency by 999 7″ (2023)

Backing Vocals (The Serpent’s Choir): Ex Rosa Ceremonia by Pulchra Morte lp (2022)

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