The Rockers For Life! FB Group is an interactive community, based on participating in daily MUSIC CHALLENGES! Each day has a challenge, and members answer each challenge by posting a YouTube video of the song that is their answer. It’s FUN!! It leads to tons of conversations about music, and everyone learns a thing or two in this group! It’s been running since January 1, 2018, so that’s a few hundred DAILY challenges already. There’s lots of participants and you will find your niche people!

Anyone on Facebook can request to be in the group, just check it out here! There is a Rockers For Life! YouTube Channel where people can watch challenge answers in the form of one playlist, ie: Great Guitar, Girl Groups, Songs with NIGHT or NIGHTTIME in the Title, Instrumentals, and the list goes on! Playlists are chosen over the month – about 2 or 3 per month go up, and they are great background listening if you use YouTube that way!

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