About Diane

Rocker For Life Diane Farris is a DJ, Host and Audio Engineer, specializing in interviews and producing shows about (primarily) heavy music. Diane has been in media in some way or another for over three decades.

Diane is the host of ROCKERS FOR LIFE, an interview program that is current, as well as hosting LIFER – a heavy metal radio program on GimmeRadio.com. She is currently producing podcasts and interviews for WFMU under the names Peer Pressure Podcasts and Diane’s Kamikaze Fun Machine, and has been associated with WFMU for 35+ years.

Diane is an interviewer-for-hire for websites, tutorials, and also is a voice actor. If your website or webinar needs thorough content in either audio or video – and whose websites don’t nowadays – give her a shout! She’s the voice of credibility on many podcasts and testimonials all over the web. She has a promo package to fit your needs!

In addition, Diane was a professional tattooer for over 25 years. She has extensive experience and knowledge in the art of the tattoo, and is an advocate for safe tattooing for a lifetime.

She does expert witness testimony and is passionate about the world of skin art combined with public safety.

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