Music is our lifelong companion, and my passion is facilitating music conversations! Musicians would prefer to talk about music and their influences more than themselves, and I love connecting artists with an audience! People love to learn, and people love to teach! Every music fan can relate to something another person appreciates about music. 

I facilitate music conversations! Whether it be through my radio shows, or hiring me to interview you, I bring honor and truth to the conversation. I can go deep, or keep things light and fun. Do you need someone to interview you for your website? Check my packages listed! I speak well and will bring out THE BEST VERSION OF YOU for people to know you as! I am also a Voiceover artist heard in various outlets! I can speak for you!

I started tattooing split between Manhattan and Connecticut in the 1980s and I opened my own shop in New Jersey in 1991. I find the heritage, creativity and rebelliousness of this ever changing business very captivating. It’s a lifelong passion for me, almost as much as music. 

Within my newest series, “Chapters in Tattoo History,” I’ll be presenting one on one interviews with tattoo figures. Tattooing is such an important form of self expression and combined commercial and folk art, I’d like to spotlight groundbreaking figures and their legacy.

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