Here is the link to my WFMU playlist page. It’s got playlists and archives for the years 1982 – 2018. A couple of shows in the year 2000 are archived, but pretty much the archiving becomes regular in 2001.

For awhile there, WFMU had “Beware Of The Blog,” to which I was a contributor. Here are a few of my surviving posts.  They generally consisted of show reviews, and oddities!  The blog has been outdated for years and frankly I’m surprised any of these entries exist… Here is a direct link to my experience at the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center in Den Bosch, NL, probably a colorful post about a favorite artist.

My Instagram profiles for WFMU endeavors are as follows:

@dianekamikaze – all radio features and updates plus fun musical and personal rantings

@dianemakesplates – original artwork on light switch and electrical plate covers. Originally from a WFMU premium from the 2018 fundraiser, I’ve continued creating these, which are available for purchase!

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