I run a Facebook Group called Rockers For Life, hmmm, interesting! In between running around alphabetizing my record collection, working out on the trampoline and preparing for my next trip, I squeeze this group into my days/weeks. It’s a fun group, based on a calendar I create that’s posted at the beginning of the month, and each day has a challenge.

For instance: January 3rd’s Rocker Challenge was “A song that starts with a Count Off”. Folks in the group then post their answers in the form of a YouTube link. There’s a lot of fun, smart and music-minded people participating in the group, and this day in particular had some great choices. And YOU can check them out!

I made a YouTube playlist of these selections here! A couple of them are click count offs, and some are in foreign languages, and one actually counts off at the end. There are over 50 selections, so next time you’ve got a long drive, or horribly boring task to complete, smack this one on! Mr. Wilson Pickett endorses this message!

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