Gimme Radio – Episode 7 and The Vault Is Open, Join The Brigade!

Argh! I love doing radio and I am currently doing a program called LIFER on Gimme is a great station that’s primarily metal oriented, or at least focuses on music that is generally heavy. There are lots of great shows by great DJs, musicians and other notable people in the heavy music community on the station, and it’s great fun. My current time slot is every other Friday at 7pm ET, and I just aired my 7th program Friday!

Gimme Radio is making all it’s past archives available to listeners who join the The Gimme Brigade and thereby having access to The (Gimme) Vault. It’s a great opportunity for people to check out any of the shows at will, on their own schedule, binge listen, and also hear great programs that are off the schedule currently. Go here to check out the special offers on it at the moment, and in case you didn’t get a chance to listen to LIFER #7, here is the playlist:


Hellhammer – Messiah

Emperor – Beyond the Great Vast Forest

Hellchild – Long and Stable Bridge

Warfare – Electric Mayhem

Mirror – Heavy King

Spiritual Beggars – Fools Gold

Cattle Press – The Hole Is Home

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Highlights of Brooklyn’s First Prophecy Fest

November 2nd and 3rd marked the American debut of Prophecy Fest. The German label  Prophecy Productions, have held festivals inside a huge cave in Germany in the past, and after finally having a US West Coast office/presence, they turned to The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn for their first festival stateside. Some highlights:

FRIDAY November 2nd:  Volur from Toronto, a burst of beauty augmented by punishing riffs yet trance inducing at the same time. A trio featuring electric violin and male & female vocals, they were expressive and powerful with a level of authenticity that made them seem hungry, but in a good way – certainly not malnourished!

Xasthur played their acoustic set to an unsettled crowd that was really a little too loud for the subtlety of the instruments. A trio built around Scott “Malefic” Connor, their unplugged presence invited closeness, and played crisply through a set of compositions that shared a blackened timbre with the Xasthur of the past, but felt stripped of abandon and negated by the audience.

Kayo Dot featured their heavy layers and varied atmospheric melodies woven between two drummers, entranced the audience. Their sometimes glistening and experimental, sometimes depressive goth sounds took the audience on a mid-evening experience that kept on giving.

The most recent Prophecy label signing closed out Friday night’s performances. Novembers Doom from Chicago opened with 2 songs off their most recent release – Hamartia, and closed with 2 tracks that went back to 2007 – not their origins by far, but a really good cross section of their work over their 20+ year history. These death/doom rockers were a good conclusion for the evening, with their heavy melodic doom pushing the evening to a final culmination.

SATURDAY November 3rd: 1476 from Salem began the evening with  a dark, atmospheric and sometimes uneven presentation. They could be likened to Current 93 meets The Cult, but that would probably not help anyone determine what 1476 sounded like. I was dying for the Les Paul to be turned way UP during the show, although it’s lower volume seemed deliberate. Their more rock oriented parts cried out for more attention, and their chilling moments were reserved for distance. The variation in style and tempo was overall cool and surprising, but made it difficult for this novice listener to determine whether or not I would enjoy their works as a whole. Check their Bandcamp for yourself.

Prophecy Fest was near the end of a 3-week tour for Seattle’s Year Of The Cobra, but they were nothing  but energized. The 2 piece mastered doom, sludge, and kickassdom in one shot with their ferocious set. Although consisting of bass and drums in physical instrumentation, Amy’s vocals bring melody and pull the entire package together. Boldly refreshing, focusing on the stoner and doom vibe, look for a Jack Endino produced release from them in 2019!

Eye of Nix created an atmosphere that was anguished as it was  eclectic with their psychedelic blackness. They had more of a noisy element onstage than I’ve heard on their recordings. I found them to be passionate and at times thrashy while still holding the feeling of bleakness, alongside Joy Von Spain’s fervent vocals. They had the least amount of lighting of any of the performers, and I really would have liked to have seen more of their darkness!

From almost absolute darkness to subtle musical darkness, France’s Alcest closed the festival. One of the best known bands on the Prophecy roster, they played all of 2016’s Kodama in it’s entirety. Neige and his band were precise, on and energetic, bringing their blackgaze style to crescendo after crescendo throughout their set. They took very few breaks and blazed through a fan fulfilling collection with their grandiose atmospherics and doom tinged style.

Label head Martin Koller embodied the passion of the Prophecy label in response to my question: Who are you looking forward to watching tonight?  – His answer was an enthusiastic two or more sentences about every single band. That’s the kind of label you want to be on if you’re an artist. Welcome to America, Martin!

Gimme Radio – LIFER – Playlist #1

I’ll be chronicling my experiences on GIMMEradio, a streaming station – a dotcom, as well as an app. They are a metal/extreme station, and I’m really enjoying doing a show there. It’s radically different from doing a program on FM, and a ton of fun! My program is called LIFER! Check it out, it’s all me, and easy to do because I suppose I’m just a metal gal at heart. LIFER airs every other Friday night from 7-9pm ET. Here are some recollections from my first program…

I opened the show with WE ROCK by Dio, yay! This was refreshing and freeing to play. I have played Dio in the past, but those moments are rare. He is one of my favorite vocalists, I love his imagery and the booming voice that came out of the man that stood around 5′ tall.

I have a great memory of seeing him open for Maiden at MSG, with Motorhead in the opening 30 minute slot. It was such a surreal night. It was as if everyone I knew was there, it was like CBGBs had turned into the size of Madison Square Garden, everywhere I turned another face, whether a recent friend or a long lost acquaintance was there! Motorhead were good, and although Mickey Dee is/was a great and legendary drummer it always pissed me off that no matter where they played or how long their set was, that he needed a solo every show. This was no exception – they played for 30 minutes and it felt like 10 of them were his solo. He’s as flashy as they come – and competent for sure, I just don’t ever feel that Motorhead needs solos!   So I was annoyed because his solo could have been another Motorhead song. When Dio came out, he opened with The Last in Line, and I swear to you, you could hear the garden hold it’s breath right as he went into the word HOME… you gotta know the song, but I would guess it’s a strain for a singer, and he chose it as his first song, what balls.  For me there’s a ton of conviction in his voice, if we’re evil, or divine, his voice just rules. He, of course, pulled it off – to thunderous applause, I felt a sigh of relief go through MSG. THIS is why I opened my first program with We Rock (I felt it was a better song to open my show to), he’s made such an impact on the metal world and was so incredibly talented!

Also in my first show was Mastodon , I know I’m not surprising people with this choice BUT- I got to play AUNT LISA by them, my favorite song off Once More ‘Round The Sun! It’s got a chorus that’s got enough profanity to get an FCC regulated station shut down, so I never aired it on FM, it was wonderful to be able to finally play it for an audience! Other bands, Hail of Bullets, Witchery, Kylesa, UDO, Anaal Nathrakh, Obituary, Saviours, God Dethroned, and of course, Voivod!

On LIFER, my Voivod pledge (to play them on every show) stands! I’ll continue that tradition forever! I could rant forever, but will save ya’ll for now. Here’s the GimmeRadio info: The station itself, and the link to LIFER!  

Welcome to my HOME!

I’m Diane Farris, ROCKER FOR LIFE! I’ve been on the radio, working at clubs, conducting interviews, engineering, performing, and doing art for most of my life! This is a landing page for an index of all of my creative efforts!