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I’m Diane Farris, ROCKER FOR LIFE! I’ve been on the radio, working at clubs, engineering, conducting interviews, performing, writing, producing and doing art for most of my life! This is a landing page for an index of all my creative efforts!

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Gimme Radio – Episode 7 and The Vault Is Open, Join The Brigade!

Argh! I love doing radio and I am currently doing a program called LIFER on GimmeRadio.com. Gimme is a great station that’s primarily metal oriented, or at least focuses on music that is generally heavy. There are lots of great shows by great DJs, musicians and other notable people in the heavy music community on …

Highlights of Brooklyn’s First Prophecy Fest

November 2nd and 3rd marked the American debut of Prophecy Fest. The German label ¬†Prophecy Productions, have held festivals inside a huge cave in Germany in the past, and after finally having a US West Coast office/presence, they turned to The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn for their first festival stateside. Some highlights: FRIDAY November 2nd: …