YouTube Channel

I generate TWO YouTube Channels!

The first one is under DIANE FARRIS and consists of  interviews with SLIDESHOWS  like with some of the artists above; Kid Congo, Creston Spiers of Harvey Milk, Rat Scabies of the Damned, Mike Scheidt of Yob, Hugh Cornwell, Justin Broadrick (Godflesh),  Vorphalack of Samael, Steve Ignorant of Crass, Carol Cleveland (Monty Python) and more, are all in my Diane Farris YouTube Channel!

There are some random performances on this channel as well, but the content here is 95% versions of my podcasts, Peer Pressure, and Rocker For Life interviews!


Playlists for my Rockers For Life Facebook Group are on my Rockers For Life! YouTube Channel – no original posts, here but a landing spot for playlists with a theme. Check them out, some are pretty inventive, and suggestions are made by upwards of 500+ Rockers daily!