Over the weekend a couple of people I know posted about Hieronymus Bosch’s art in some form or another on FB. It occurred to me that years ago I was a visitor at the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center in DenBosch, NL, and that I had posted quite a  piece about it on the old WFMU blog; Beware of the Blog. That blog is no longer publishing, however upon some searching I did find the actual post! I hope you take a look at it, and if you need convincing – well, I never like to try to convince anyone of anything, but the town of DenBosch flies the flag of Bosch as their golden boy with such an affection for his artwork reflected in this family art center, it’s adorable…I mean considering he had to have been a madman at the very least!

I’m also resurrecting another post, because I just found a bunch and I enjoyed reading over them again. Somewhat related to the Bosch post, it’s a recap of Roadburn Festival visit I made earlier in the decade. My visit to the Bosch Art Center occurred on that Roadburn trip. Perhaps I’ll make revisiting some of these old posts a sporadic entry if they seem well enough received. Here is the recap from Roadburn 2012, and it still seems to be connected to an old Flickr account, bonus!  Photo: Virus/Norway. Check the post for reviews on:  Voivod, Killing Joke, Orchid, Red Fang, Virus, Farflung and YOB.

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