Argh! I love doing radio and I am currently doing a program called LIFER on Gimme is a great station that’s primarily metal oriented, or at least focuses on music that is generally heavy. There are lots of great shows by great DJs, musicians and other notable people in the heavy music community on the station, and it’s great fun. My current time slot is every other Friday at 7pm ET, and I just aired my 7th program Friday!

Gimme Radio is making all it’s past archives available to listeners who join the The Gimme Brigade and thereby having access to The (Gimme) Vault. It’s a great opportunity for people to check out any of the shows at will, on their own schedule, binge listen, and also hear great programs that are off the schedule currently. Go here to check out the special offers on it at the moment, and in case you didn’t get a chance to listen to LIFER #7, here is the playlist:


Hellhammer – Messiah

Emperor – Beyond the Great Vast Forest

Hellchild – Long and Stable Bridge

Warfare – Electric Mayhem

Mirror – Heavy King

Spiritual Beggars – Fools Gold

Cattle Press – The Hole Is Home

Black Pyramid – No Life King

Dark Castle – Growing Slow

Motorhead – Deaf Forever

Unsane – Alleged

Totimoshi – The Skies Over Monolith Mountain

Heavy Temple – Key and Bone

Blood Ceremony – Goodbye Gemini

Black Breath – Forced Into Possession

Helmet – Primitive*

Death Angel – Prophecy

Deathspell Omega – Abscission

Unleashed – Lead Us Into War

Behemoth – Sabbath Mater

Birds of Prey – Lice Halo

Dissection – Starless Aeon

Satan – Death Knell For A King

Obsessed – Streetside

Voivod – X-Ray Mirror**

Tau Cross – Raising Golem

ABC Diabolo – Power of a Lyric Sheet

The Order of Apollyon – Rites Of The Immolator

*Second Time Around selection – a weekly cover song (Killing Joke)

**Weekly Voivod selection – Voivod every program without fail!


Lifer #8 will air at 7pm ET on Friday November 30th! Tune in and check out my IG handle that is dedicated to Lifer: GimmeLiferRadio



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